April 10, 2006

Reunion Letters

Following the reunion weekend at Wysing Arts Centre (near Cambridge) in November 2005, we asked those who came to write letters about what they were doing (and where they were going). This was a way of trying to continue the conversations. We were inspired to do this by a letter Ella Gibbs read out to us during that weekend away from a friend of hers who was living and working in Georgia. The letter unfolded a whole world of experiences, feelings and concerns that many of us could identify with but find difficult to share on a day to day basis (because of our geographical distance or because there's always something more pressing to be done) . The format of the letter allows a slow communication that does not have to be reciprocal.

Sophie Hope's Letter: View image

Nada Prlja's Letter: View image View image

Ele Carpenter's Letter: Download file

Sarah Carrington's Letter: Download file

Donna Lynas' Letter: Download file