December 08, 2006

A Winter Reunion for Reunon!

Hosted by Serious Interests Agency , Reunion Projects and friends looked back at some of the work generated in 2006, and also had a chance to listen to Igor Grubic, while on residency, give an informal, but very informative talk of his past projects. We look forward to working with him on his longer stay in 2007. The evening was a nice opportunity to get together before Christmas, and reflect...


December 05, 2006

Igor's First Visit


A checked floor caught Igor's eye at Goldsmiths.

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November 25, 2006



In response to the dead line of a conference Sophie was attending in Athens, some of the Reunion resources were sifted under the theme of “borders” to correspond with that of the lecture. A scrap-book was made, which will continue to be added to. Of course, discussion of borders can be limitless rather than liminal. Its agency as a topic- its currency as a buzz-word might begin to dismantle itself.
What does it mean really for a conference to be based on such a thing? Is it necessary to break these Borders? When are borders useful? In an increasingly globalised art economy, and the increased funding available towards the goal of “cultural exchange” one begins to wonder what all this exchange is based on. And yet it is fruitless to be pessimistic. Perhaps it is best to engage, and observe the ideosyncratic details of such events, helping us to see further the nature of their being. Sophie had a good anecdote about the strangeness of the layout, and the way that since everybody in Athens seems to smoke no one stayed inside to look at scrapbooks and other materials any way.


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October 25, 2006

Sifting and Sorting


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October 10, 2006


I had the chance to meet Sophie and Nada again at the exhibition held in Peckham by new curators "Conusion as a Mode of Sensibility". Sophie and Nada were using the time, as guest curators, rather than to move other people's work around, to insert themselves into the situation to conduct their own research into the history of Yugoslavia.


This resulted in a huge brainstorming session, and the modelling of two "monuments" out of Plasticine- nodes of contact with the rest of the discussion.