March 30, 2007

Nemanja Cvijanovic's residency

Il Futuro qui comincia adesso (Here the future begins now), 2004, aluminium tray

Reunion is pleased to be hosting Nemanja's residency in London. Nemanja and I have been skyping about shared research interests and are looking forward to exploring more about the ways in which politically engaged practices are interpreted and supported (or misinterpreted and not supported).


The Sweetest Dream, 2005, flag

Nemanja describes the work:
'The european ‘second empire’ or ‘sub empire’ is united by dreams and symbols. Its boundaries are open to the circulation of goods but waterproof to the circulation of people. Near custom houses there are CPT (temporary permanence centres, along all the mediterranean coast: from Gorizia to Italian coast, to French coast, to Spanish coast. They look like concentration camps, from an age not so far, where people have no freedom, no justice and no culture). CTP are managed by a shameful society, that lives of wars, exploited countries’ misery (htey are its new ‘colonies’).
My point of view is from outside the EU, as Croatian citizen. EU approves without any problems the co-exhistence of ‘first and second degree (level/class)’ citizens within the community, and if we wanted to we could name even a group of ‘third’ degree invisible citizens.
I hope that everyone who sees The Sweetest Dream, when observing th EU flag next time, would reflect on what is become of this EU ‘anti-fascist’ dream of equality and economic sharing.'