March 30, 2007

work in progress with Skart

Residents of Bayton Court, situated on London Fields near Space had lots of amazing stories and opinions to share.

Students of the London College of Communications made some of their own embroideries.


Lieve Carchon helped us to turn our collections of quotes into rhymes - thanks Lieve for your rhyming skills!

Thanks to Hanover in Hackney and SPACE for their support in organising the meetings between residents of Bayton and Adelaide Court and Skart.

Event with Skart at Space

Saturday 3 March 2007, 3pm, SPACE
We had an afternoon of presenting the stories behind the 'embroideries' made during Skart's residency. People attended who had been involved in making the embroidereis and talking to Skart. There was also a chance to make your own.




Joining the network of embroideries

During their residency, Skart met friends and new acquaintance to talk about personal thoughts and public woes. These conversations then led to devising short two line rhymes and drawings. Some of the 'embroideries' were made by the people we met, while others we made ourselves in response to the meetings.

People who got involved included students from the London College of Communication; residents of Dayton Court and Adelaide Court (Hanover in Hackney) and other individual activists, artists and writers.

Here are some of the pieces. We used 3-D paint/pens to make them as it was a lot quicker than embroidery and has a similar effect! This reflects the speed at which people in London move - there's no time to fit in such a slow activity as embroidery!