March 30, 2007

Bernard's Russian Embroideries

Bernard lives in Bayton Court on London Fields and had lots of amazing stories. After Dragan showed the Serbian embroideries and talked about the project, Bernard went to get two hankercheifs made for him by some children when he was a soldier during World War II in Russia. One of them has his name, the date (February 1942), 'Arkhangelsk Port' and a red star embroidered on to it.





April 12, 2006

Why reunite?

Why do we always want to know more? Why do we always want to go somewhere we’ve never been before? I have worked on projects and exhibitions that touch on different issues (migration, architecture, craft, business…) but there is something that links them all: a fascination with difference, contradiction and change in art. Does the potential of art lie in its ability to be both futile and functional? Reunion is a journey to find out what makes art critical by looking at projects and theories that seem to me to challenge and throw into question arts relation to society.


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